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Eye Infections in East Rockaway

There are two types of common infections that may impact your eyes. They are conjunctivitis and keratitis. With prompt and expert care, neither poses any serious danger to your ocular health in the long term. By knowing the symptoms of both, you’ll be prepared to come in right away for examination, evaluation, and treatment here at Vision Quest. Conjunctivitis affects the conjunctivas, which line your eyelids and the front of the eye. Keratitis is related to the cornea, located at the front of your eye and covered by the conjunctiva.

The reasons behind your eye infection may range from contamination transferred to your contact lenses or irritation from wearing contacts to the effects of an irritant or chemical. Both conjunctivitis and keratitis may be bacterial or viral, or can be due to allergies or the aforementioned causes. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s imperative that you see our East Rockaway eye doctor as soon as you can: eye redness, itching and burning in your eye, excessive tearing, blurry vision, unusual sensitivity to light, or a discharge that might be yellow, green, or white. Those are certainly indications that are difficult to either miss or ignore. And indeed, you should not ignore them. When you come in, our East Rockaway eye doctor will perform a full eye examination along with any necessary testing that are determined to be helpful in making a determination. The type of treatment administered is associated with the reason for the infection. For example, bacterial infections are addressed effectively with antibiotics. A viral infection, on the other hand, must simply run its course.

With the skilled attention of our East Rockaway eye doctor, you won’t have to worry about the possible complications that can come about from an eye infection. Be sure to call us immediately so we can schedule an appointment for the earliest opportunity.

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